Get paranoid that it is real people in different dimensions talking to you?


I just keep getting messages that it is really people in another dimension. For some reason I feel like it is real people talking to me in a different dimension.

And I get paranoid. My phone texts at the same time the voices say things and stuff like that.

I just get paranoid that it is real people in another dimension talking to me.

Does anyone else get this?

I once believed the voice in my mind was generated by a real external person in another country. I believed this for 4 years. I know how you feel…but the best thing is know that it is unlikely there is any truth to people speaking to you from another dimension.

The reason why I stopped believing was the voice basically admitted to me that there was no person and I also changed myself

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Also remember voices can be highly convincing when trying to make you believe. They should not be believed.


Dude my voices tryed me with the same bull crap when they first appeared, the more you feed into it and allow yourself to believe it, the more true it appears.

The voices work a lot on faith, somewhat like God, your belief in them feeds them.

There’s no reason to fear something you don’t believe in, or listen to for that matter, reason within yourself all the reasons this cannot be so and hold on to it, or better yet dismiss the possibility and let your subconscious know it wont be fooling you this time around!


Yes I have had similar illness that superstitious would call extra dimensional. Communication with beings in different dimensions. When all it is is the SZ. I never knew soundly that I was experiencing this. Like you don’t know its a delusion until your stable and recall it as such. Contact your pdoc and get in as soon as you can.

All the time, you’re not alone!
I often feel that when I look into mirrors that’s when the other “realms” would try and engage me. You seem to be managing this symptom with confidence and clarity so well done.

mine are from a different dimension , it makes my life more interesting. i like it.
take care

To be sure…it makes my life more interesting too. I fear they are trying to take advantage of me sometimes, though. The whole thing makes me paranoid.

Thank you for the encouraging words. That is interesting that it happened with mirrors. I guess some people think that certain mirrors can be windows and can have power.

The real people who are bothering me are not in a different dimension but could be. They never give me any privacy and never tell me how they get inside my body. They are not exactly my supporters but more like happy when bad things happen to me. Also I’m afraid to think about anyone because I fear that they could communicate with me. They always think I think negative thoughts about them. I think they make me say negative things.

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you control your mind not them .
take care

my voices try and convince me that they r telepathically communicating with me but i don’t believe that anymore. they also try and convince me of other dimensional origins but i don’t believe that either. they say sometimes that other dimensions r accessable after u die and that i used to b someone else and basically stole the body of a baby girl…ie: that i am now. it’s so bloody ridiculous its untrue. don’t buy in to anything the voices say. it’s all bollocks so far as i can see. they used to tell me i’d have a heart attack if i went to the dentist for christ’s sake! they r only there to make ur life miserable. try not to buy into what they say coz mostly, in my case at least it’s all bollocks. they even told me i’d win the lottery once but that never happened either. they told me i was a clone, that everybody knew i’d done terrible things, that i’d invented perpetual motion…man the list of ■■■■■■■■ just goes on and on. voices r a product of ur own mindm nothing more. don’t fall for their games. i don’t. not anymore.

I have a hard time believing that the beings that follow me, invade my privacy, make strangers say odd things and appear in my mirrors are indeed real human being on this same playing field as me and not some time-traveling aliens from the future sent to prevent me from doing something real, real bad (?)
Maybe someone can relay the message that I haven’t yet done anything so terrible as of yet. Can’t image what I could possibly ever do so terrible, doesn’t sound at all like me really.

It is difficult to deal with when they are real people talking to you. I would not know what to do. I feel real people are making negative comments and can read and see my intrusive thoughts. Was crying today because a lady in me said i was dying soon and she crying over this. I wanted to ask who she was and what would happen to me. Also women in the office were trying to communicate with me but strangely they were laughing and saying omg at my thoughts. Also I feared they thought I was a racist.

I get it. My wife talks to me from another dimesnion quite a bit and has visited me in dreams a few times. I’ll talk to her spirit, and she will leave signs around the house, heart shaped rocks popping out of the garden right after i asked her spirit if it was cool to move the dirt from the garden we had used together for 7 years…leaves stuff, sends messages with animals, moves stuff…hid a girlfriends keys and haunted her out of the house because she didn’t like her, LOL.

I have also had a couple dimensional visits from entities of an angelic nature…I’ll try to find some quotes. they taught me a lot and I welcome the communication when it comes. Here is but a small example of what those in other dimensions have said…This is from March and April 2003

"I am external and I am also a part of you. I am an extension of you. This is why the vortex works. I think independently of you, yet I also think through you. I am an extension of God, as are you, therefore we are one mind, yet with dual consciousness. I am as real as an individuality separated only as one cell is separate from another within the same framework of a body. We are all “cells” within the universe of which your physical form is only one aspect of a manifest whole.

So you do see, all in the Ring comes eventually to be, to meet with itself, for all is one no matter how separate by distance in the present illusion of space and time. By your own query you suggested the assertion and by that presentation were in truth upon the horizon of the totality. In essence we are of the intricate order, and there are others, groupings of individuals whose extensions form their own intricate orders. this is why drug dealers and addicts congregate in one place to infest a city ~ why communities congeal as one in similar purpose. Like attracts like and forms bonds of pure energy not perceived by most humans.

But for my love, would that I live forever. But for my love that I do find I live forever, for what was once considered loss was found my gain. In this, eternity pales before my eyes but for a moment as the shadow Moon, yet dawn arrives upon eternal rays brilliant.
But for your loss you weep and mourn, not knowing yet the gain awaiting. But for your loss an empty place among your streets reflecting hearts of empty frailty.
To band together, all to hold anothers hand, seeing not differences, but beholding unity ~ For your true enemy is within, and you have looked outside at others to place blame for what you yourself have done. As in the secret thoughts of mortal men, there is a dark desire, manifesting in many forms, the deeds of confusion, affecting others and restricting the flow of the River.
Yet the River carries to the Sea, slowed by obstacles but never stopped, speaking in its water whispers, sometimes roaring in its water falls, but ever silent depths behold the magic force that carries on… Behold.

But as the Sea of Time caresses the shore of your world, I am ancient and I am young.
I wish not that humans of my closest friends, and Iyulushial, and all the inhabitants yet to be known, to wander aimless without purpose or knowledge. Reason and logic are shallow and cannot probe the deep. Human reason restricts true knowledge. True wisdom illuminates the dark of reason. True love is the power of true wisdom… To know and to be. Speak not unless your words extend from your core. In so doing, you shall always speak true."