Hanging at the clinic

I was at the clinic waiting to get in one day and someone had their name called.

This person wasn’t in the office and someone made the suggestion to look outside. I volunteered to go see if he was out there.

I open the door and two guys were standing outside, when i opened the door they were in the middle of a conversation, i heard something like “he/they are in two dimensions at once” or maybe it was “in two dimensions at once”.

I thought what an odd conversation to be having really but ignored it.

I asked them if they were the guy who was being called and they both simply turned and began staring at me, i stared back and just waited a moment, after nothing was said i just went back in and told them the guy wasn’t around.

Isn’t that strange?! Huh?! You should have seen the look on their faces, it was mighty cold!

I’ve had those scary hallucinations before. It’s like audio feedback where your thoughts become perceptions outside ordinary reality, except that…they kinda manifest or seem to. I am almost certain that we are in two realities at once. Or two dimensions. But the weirdest thing happened to me today, that scared me. I was driving with this guy and I thought of a deer, and saw a deer manifest from the thought into a deer. That was the weirdest vision I’ve ever had. I also had that with a gray cat, who I didn’t know was there-and then I couldn’t tell, and then slammed on my breaks when an actual gray cat was sitting in the middle of the road staring at me. It was real though, and it moved when I yelled out the window.

The thing that scared me is I’m supposed to manifest good things, not difficult stuff. I know that I can manifest reality, I am aware of that. Through my thoughts. I can’t talk about it though. I used EchoVox and the “conversation” was about Putin being responsible for some kind of social experiment and attack on national security. This is supposed to be a EVP or ghost recorder, like a ghost box. It scrambles random messages or something.

The things I cannot explain bother me immensely. i would love to talk about schizophrenia from the otherside of the image, or picture, and express that what’s on the outside doesn’t 100 percent mirror what’s on the inside because consciousness, that is the great mystery. Reality has multiple levels like an onion, and to damage a person for believing something divinely human and turning it into a sickness is like cursing God.

I don’t need to prove what can’t be seen with 2 subjective lenses if those lenses are colored by lies and fabrications, cultural bias, and cruelty. I have seen things no ■■■■■■■■■■■■ would understand. I don’t just believe random thoughts either, I mean I research the stuff and fact check it. Like, for instance, everything. Like if you take a picture of a picture that’s in one place in one dimension and another place in another dimension. What are dimensions? Levels of human connectivity. What are we connected by? OUR SOULS! What are our souls worth? EVERYTHING. Can they be bought or sold? No. Souls are our freedom. our potential. our humanity, it is the essence of the schizophrenic disease. Schizophrenia is a disease of disconnect. It is a disease of broken-ness, but it is also a disease of standing firm between two worlds and being the one bridge that can connect the two, and having a name damns you. IF that isn’t a perfect metaphor for the human race, then what else would be other than schizophrenia?

That is strange. Why didn’t they just say, “no.”

Thats my point.

I opened the door and asked them if they were the guy they were calling and they just coldly turned around and stared at me.

when i opened the door i heard them say something like “they are in two dimensions”.

Really creepy ■■■■ right there!

That does sound creepy. At least they didn’t hurt you.