Geodon: The only medication that I take now

I’m only taking Geodon at night, 2 pills of 80 mg after eating bread, I’m not having more dizziness after I started to eat bread (carbohydrate) before take my meds.


@Patrick ,

Is it normal to have dizziness if I don’t eat carbohydrate or something before take Geodon?

Different med’s can affect people differently. I’ve come across people who got totally different responses from the same med. I would say that in your case if Geodon doesn’t make you dizzy when you eat bread with it the effect is probably real and not just in your imagination. You might try out pasta and see how that works.

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Not sure about Geodon. I take Abilify.

@crimby ,

Thank you.

Ru sure just bread is enough? For geodon to be effective you need a complete meal at least thats what I did when I was on it. And even then it wasn’t strong enough.

@eduvigis ,

The problem of eating much is that I get very sleepy and with dizziness and my blood pressure become high or low at night.

Geodon is supposed to be taken with at least 500 calories of food. It works by building up in your fat cells. Your doctor should have really told you that.

I learn so much by reading posts, doctors don’t tell us anything. Nobody talked to me at all in the beginning. Several meds should be taken with food.

Just geodon and latuda, right?

I’m not sure, I’m not an expert. But then some react one way to a med, others a different way, nausea, dizziness, etc. everyone is different. My nurse went through a list of the different meds with different side effects only after I learned from others here in the forum.