Its hard having to eat 500 calories before taking meds when staying in a hotel with other people

i had to walk at 8 pm in chicago to a mcdonalds because i have to eat before taking geodon and tomorrow ima have to wake up and have to wake everyone else up so i can get food to take meds its bad enough you have to take this twice a day but with food also wow its still worth being sane and able to lose weight at the same time

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Go to the store and buy a jar of peanuts or something easy to carry with u that’s high in cals, I just started taking my meds 350 cals with peanuts and it’s really convenient and less stressful.


I agree. Peanuts, cashews, really any kind of nut works for Geodon purposes. Cereal and milk can be another high calorie food.

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500 calories? I thought it was bad with latuda which you need 350 calories. my psychiatrist wanted me to take my latuda at night before I go to bed but I started taking it after dinner.

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I think yogurt is good to have with meds. But not the fat free kind because I think fat is the thing needed for absorption? I try to have yogurt on hand.

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@Ninjastar i have a question for u, dont u take it once a day and have u ever taken it twice and if so what is the difference i think i want to start taking it only at night because during the day i get really tired like today i fell asleep in the car and almost fell asleep at a restaurant and idk if its from geodon or only sleeping like 4-6 hours at night it never really makes me tired at night maybe because i force myself to go to sleep once i see its past 12 but i take it at 8 am and by like earliest 12 and always by 2i feel so tired like i can barely do anything and have to take a couple hours nap to feel normal again

I used to take it morning and night, but I had the same problem. I would be exhausted all day, and up all night. So, once I stabilized, my doctor took away the morning dose. I had to be on it for a while, though. Usually, you have to be on higher doses in the beginning, but after you’ve been stable for a while, they can lower you. Be honest with your doctor about the problems you have been having and see what your options are.

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i think i am pretty stable i even felt the same as i do now off meds just more depressed now i think from the meds but i am on 80 mg twice a day i was on 60 but i told my pdoc i was having some paranoia but the paranoia wasn’t even from the psychosis i would just be paranoid about going out being in awkward situations anxious and stuff so i think he raised my dose for no reason,
I’m gonna tell him how it affects me during the day and ask if he thinks i can take it once a day but i think I’m gonna ask him to keep prescribing it as twice a day so if i don’t feel good taking it once i wont be screwed for a month

That sounds like a good conversation to have. If your paranoia is really a form of social anxiety, there are different meds you can take for that. I take gabapentin as needed for anxiety and panic attacks. You can also do neurofeedback or CBT to train your brain to feel less anxiety.


500 calories is a lot. Multiple psychs have told me 300-350 so if you get word you can go lower, pbj and a banana work good for breakfast or lunch!

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Just make sure you never get caught with more then 3 potatoes on you at a time.

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I take Geodon twice a day too. I don’t worry about the number of calories. I just eat something, anything with it, like a bowl of cereal, or a large meal, and it seems to work fine for me. But, I’m also on two other AP’s, so, this might not work for other people who are only on Geodon.