Geoden twice a day with food?

I don’t think I would like this part, if I decide to switch to this med.

I used to take the morning dose with just a banana. It used to work but I would eat a meal or a vegetable smoothie about 350 calories at night. It worked for me.

If they say to take with food. Take the meds with food. Otherwise you’ll end up nauseated for a couple hours. Hate that feeling.

I’ve been on Geodon for years now…twice a day with food, a lot of food.

Yea but your a wild animal.

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reduced mine to once a day never with food

Do you hear voices?

nope voice free

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How many mgs and did you use to hear voices? I think I’m going to psych tomorrow, to change to either Abilify or Geoden.

i have never heard any voices ever, and i am on 60mg once daily rarely take food with it, but i wouldn’t recommend geodon, it seems to give you involuntary movements in the face such as lip movements and slight head twitches, also i hear geodon is not good for your heart, some side affects include heart palpitations i believe…id recommend when it comes out take CBD meds few side affects and natural.

Lucky you don’t deal with voices!!!

I never had any involuntary movements with geodon. I took it for a year and a half 80 morning 80 night with food. now that I’m switching to Latuda, and slowly lowering geodon, I’m noticing that sometimes I’m twitching my fingers. I rarely had palpitations, only when I was in strict diet but I used to do high intensity exercises.

What made you decide to switch?

Geodon gave me severe side effects, it made me pass out in the mornings and have insomnia at night, it reversed my sleep cycle.

Ugh!! ■■■■■■■ meds. This Haldol is giving me flatness and inner restless, like my nerves feel like they get all wired and agitated.

I’ve heard great things about geodon, it just didn’t work for me. It might work very well for you and I really hope it does. Be careful, the first two weeks, it causes constipation, try drinking a laxative.

Haldol was terrible. I’d lay there at night just feeling my legs. Literally not thinking or anything just feeling discomfort in my legs. Would toss and turn.

Other than that it might have been the most effective med I’ve been on. Hard to recall.

I already drink Metamucil religiously.

I might try Abilify…my real issue is voices and thinking people can hear my head.

I take .5mg and it makes my nerves feel annoyed. If I didn’t take klonopin with it, I’d freak the ■■■■ out. Must be mild akathisia, I’m guessing.

I don’t know man. At high doses it sedates you so you couldn’t give a ■■■■ if you wanted to. That’s where I was at. That was the first med I was on. Was good in the hospital, gave me the functionality to lie my way out of there. The second week of it though, the body couldn’t handle it. Dude SZ sucks. I first wanted to say it’s hell, and it may very well be, but that seems to strong. It’s just ■■■■■■… that’s what it is.