My therapist said she thinks the voices are from a disturbed traumatised angry hurt part of my unconscious mind/inner child

Agree or disagree?..

Therapists should keep their noses out of psychiatry. That’s my opinion.


I agree with you. One therapist once told me that my self-isolation created my paranoia and sz when it was the opposite, my sz made me self-isolate. Therapists are full of mumbo-jumbo.


Yeah I’m getting that.

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Actually if all you did was dropped the word ‘disturbed’ from that line, and also ‘inner child’, it would’ve communicated effectively toward me, for one, and show we’re on the same page… I subscribe to the same line of thinking.

Thats complete BS. Report him/her if he/she tries to get you off meds!

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Therapists are fake psychiatrists!

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I could imagine that to be true. But i dont know you well enough to say something about that. I think there is always a connection to real events in my delusions.

I hope that my new therapist is not conning me like my last one did.

She booked me in every week.

This is so obviously so she makes enough money from me.

I’m also questioning CBT or any kind of talk therapy for patients suffering from a psychotic disorder.

I’m getting fed up with them.

My last therapist ghosted me before I could switch therapists.

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is a therapist like a psychologist? If it’s not a psychologist i would find it hard to trust them.

A therapist is someone who engages in talk therapy.
It can be a psychologist or usually social worker or counselor.

My last therapist was a PhD psychologist and she was a joke.

Not all psychologists know what they are doing.

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yea true… i went to a psychologist once before i got out of the psych ward but i never went back to her as i didn’t see what it could help me with it and it was expensive.


Literally just making it up on the fly.

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