Gaining weight

I’ll have my appointment with the nurse one week from now as a part of my annual health check. One year ago my weight was 85 kg, but now I have gained some weight and my weight is 92 kg. I am trying to lose weight which is why I ride my bicycle a lot. So I have gained weight 7 kg in one year, not good, but I have an objective that I lose 5 kg before the beginning of the next year.


Calorie counting is probably better than exercise for losing weight.

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I have gained 15 to 20 kg more for last 8 to 9 years on my meds. :frowning:

So, I have begun to exercise more hard than I had before.
It’s been a week since I do that, and I lost 3 to 4 kg. I am not sure whether I can reduce or at least hold my weight in the future.

Also, I am gonna be on a special diet, so-called ketogenic one.

I am even diagnosed of pre-diabetes maybe because of my increased weight.
So, I am in desperate need to lose weight.

Here is my tips for losing weight with exercise which I recognized with watching you tube videos or I did so with my experience.

Firstly, Upper body exercises are as important as lower body ones.

For instance, walking, running, and jogging won’t be enough for you to lose your weight ; you also can do, like, a weight training, push-up, bicycle maneuver, captain chair, etc.

Secondly, Increasing muscle mass will help you with weight loss because the more muscle you have, the more calories you consume, which also means that walking couldn’t be enough for weight control.

Thirdly, just exercise as much as you can. If you had a proper amount of muscle mass and if you kept exercising as much, I believe you would continuously lose your weight.

All these things I have written with my weekly experience plus some knowledge I have learned from some You tube channels.

Good luck.

did I mention step aerobics to you before…its good…20 mins and you’ll be sweating off the pounds

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