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Gabapentin is not working


Since taking it on Sunday, I notice I am falling asleep much faster, around 9-10 pm and guess what also waking up early, around 8 am! This is very important for me because I have a lot of work.

But it is doing nothing for my anxiety. My anxiety is maybe akathisia? I am not sure, as it is not social anxiety or anything similar, it is just a complete uneasiness of some sort, where I feel agitated and have flashbacks. I am not sure how to fix this.
L Theanine is working great but I am not sure why since Monday I have been in a horrible shape. I am not ovulating or anything, so not sure what is triggering it? I have no clue. For two days I have been so angry and talking to myself all over again. What the hell is this and how do I get rid of this?


Gabapentin isn’t a very powerful drug against anxiety. It is mostly used for mild cases or for people with a history of abusing more potent medications. Maybe you just need something stronger?


My doc’s visit is in January. I was really hoping this would help me. It is not affecting my anxiety in any way at all. Only the sleep.


What dose and how often do you take it?


100 mg as needed.


Yea I agree with above, it doesn’t really do much for anxiety. But when u said I are having flashbacks, if they make you feel really uncomfortable and are usually negative in nature I think I have the same issue.

The only thing I noticed that helped block the flashbacks was actually taking benadryl. I know, it sounds odd and I agree. But one or two benadryl blocks the bad flashbacks for atleast 6 hours, you’ll notice it helps so please try that. It also helps with the uneasy feeling that the flashbacks bring.


You know, I’ve also noticed fewer flashbacks when I take Benadryl. I never put it together though. I just knew it helped me sleep, and I usually get flashbacks when I’m first waking up or going to sleep. Huh. Interesting.


Yeah that is a nothing dose. Plus it only lasts around 5 hours so if you took it before bed it wouldn’t do anything the next day.

Also be careful as it can cause weight gain.


Can I take that over the counter?


Yea I hope other people know that too, because After about 6 months on invega I realized ALL I did during the day was trying to avert my attention to something else because I got these sinking feelings every time I’d have a flashback about my previous psychosis and stuff I thought or did. I’d feel uncomfortable, embarassed, agitated, and everything in between. And then I took Benadryl to make myself feel more sedated and not pace as much and I noticed for once I was able to focus and feel at ease without thinking about the past. Idk what about Benadryl helps, and if it’s part of the illness, the flashbacks, but it helps. …fruit for thought!