Future gift

if you knew that everything was going to be ok after life would that make you feel safe now

Sorry pedro, I’m not quite sure I’m receiving you… After life… as in when we’re dead?

yes at the end of life, the unknown a safe place to continue on in peace after life

if there is nothing, that’s great.
if there is more , that’s great.
they say to be truly enlightened you must have no fear .
take care


They got that one wrong, when all are enlightened there will be no fear, but because people will not drop chemical weapons on you. No fear in love doesn’t mean don’t be afraid or concerned by chemical weapons but that there won’t be any chemical weapons being used on you.

No one ever said don’t be afraid of being thrown from a cliff face, but that when there is love no one will be doing that to you.

Fearlessness is a stupid idea, it can only be achieved by no harm being done.

And i agree, if there is nothing then it’s better than this, if there is something good then fantastic.

But no, if there was something good after this i would not feel safe right now, because im not safe right now, i know what goes on here and one thing that it isn’t is safe.

Depends on what kind of afterlife.
If we are ghosts who watch over those that we love, that’s kinda creepy. You don’t your Grandma seeing the stuff you do with your boyfriend/girlfriend/benefits friend.
If you can linger just a littler while to watch over a sick child, a fragile spouse that you were pulled away from, your parents, you know someone who would be really lost without you, I’ll probably be more accepting of an afterlife.
If it’s the huggy lovey modern Christian heaven where all you have to do is share pictures saying “Jesus loves you” to get into heaven, I’d opt out of that after life. I personally don’t want to see some abused kid being visited in heaven by their abuser/murderer or a victim having to talk to their rapist. That’s what hell is there for. Not for people who don’t huggity lovity worship Jesus. It’s there for people who cut each other as deep as humanly possible. I don’t think that repenting is enough. I think that even if the person they hurt forgives them they should still burn. I don’t know what I think about if it was a one time thing, they repented, then spent the rest of their lives trying to help the people they hurt. I’m kinda Shakespeare era Christian on that. Make them burn in proportion to their sins, then it’s cool. Kinda. If the person they hurt has forgiven them.
That’s why I was really into Buddhism for a while. A rapist coming back as a pig destined for the slaughter house? Sounds good. Not really a Buddhist thought, but I guess I’m kinda a jerk like that.