Funny thoughts

What if a rocket ship landed on Saturn and the flames from the engine exploded the planet.

What if an ant was walking on an elephant’s ass crack and the elephant farted?

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That’s a good one.

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What if a person was too wealthy and they exploded.


i usto to bounced of the wall, thinking of random â– â– â– â–  all the time. now i got tired and laid back.

If John has ten apples and Lucy has 3, why won’t they just shut up and eat?

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I have a funny thought???

what if an avatar was huge and filled up the whole computer screen…and when they posted a post the whole site exploded.

What if the owner of this site, fired himself.

What does reply mean???

Reply…I’m Jake…what does that mean?

Reply…I like a glass empty, not half full…because I don’t know what that means?

Wave, you still haven’t replied to me yet…well I guess Wave forgot. Aww man, I’m getting insecure.

what’s so funny…what’s funny!!!

I’m funny…wait a minute, what’s so funny??

What if a bull farted during a rodeo contest…and the rider fell off immediately.