Funny thread

What if a book had a string attached to it.

What if a magazine had a rock in it.

What if my towel fell down the stairs.


What if 2 rocks got in a fight?

What if 2 rocks got a perfect score on the SAT’s.

What if a racoon got into a conversation with a rock, and he got confused.

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What if I took a shower one hour too late for work.

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What if I’m funny, haha


What if somebody landed on the moon, and they got lost, and the landed on Mars instead of landing on this earth.

What if somebody starred, at the sun to see if it would make him blind, and then he got blind.

If my penis was like Pinocchio’s nose I’d lie like hell.



What if somebody sat on a toilet, and the toilet broke into pieces???

What if somebody smoked a cigarette, and got confused, then they gave it to an animal.

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lol, to a certain extent but women have told me they prefer girth over length.

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I just replied to myself.

I just replied again, to myself.

Lol! I’m blessed in that I’ve had nothing but compliments in that area. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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