Funny story about Donald Trump's depression book

It was long time ago when I flew to JFK in August 1989 when I was still 21 years old, the whole world was ahead of me, I was there with three other people and we continued our journey to Chicago and then to Michigan, any way I purchased Donald Trump’s book ‘Depression’ which was about economics, but one of these people laughed and she had thought that I had purchased a psychological book, but it was about economics. And years passed and lived n the US going through few depressions (psychology) by myself. Maybe the book helped me to go through these phases in my life and now Donald Trump wants to become the President. Why not?

Was going to say. Would image Donald Trumps cure for depression is roll around naked on a bed of money. Certainly would make me feel better. - Me rolling on money not Donald that is.


Donald Trump has no talent as a politician. He’s a good businessman, but he will only polarize people as a politician. He says things that are way too divisive. That whole business with Obama’s birthplace being outside the U.S. was just stupid. He will say anything and attack anyone. He dumbfounded me when he attacked John McCain’s war record. McCain spent five years as a P.O.W. where he regularly endured heavy torture. Trump got two student deferments and one medical deferment from the Viet Nam War. If you think be a brazen hypocrite is a valuable trait for a politician then support Trump.


I had at least three-four depressive phases in my life in America, but I went through these without any other psychological help than the self-treatment. Once in 1994 this depression got so bad and I figured that I can study some clinical psychology (one woman who became the PhD in psychology talked about this at one time), but survived. In my auto living I was quite depressed in America and thought of suicide and things like that, but I survived that too.

Donald Trump is an idiotic, useless wind bag. The only reason this guy gets any press coverage is because he is a celebrity of sorts. America is in love with celebrities, so the media caters to that. Kinda like the UK and the monarchy. I hope that he gets the nomination because nothing would make me happier than watching this POS go down flaming in the real election next year.

It is your vote, not mine, I am on another side of the world. :smiley:

I agree that a person who has not completed his or her military service can not really be a Commander in Chief, at least that is the way it is where I live, here the President has a rank of Captain in the military reserves.

He has sort of become “America’s id”. His current popularity probably comes from the fact that he’s saying out loud what a lot of other people would like to, but have been told they shouldn’t. For example, it’s politically incorrect to point out the current crush of immigration the U.S. is facing does contain a lot of undesirables.

My 2 cents as someone who watches politics as a hobby.


No, he has not. Even liberal-leaning CNN give Trump a lot of air time - mostly because of his buffoonery. For example, his plan to extradite all the illegal aliens in this country would cost ~$250 Billion. And it would take 5 years. Even Republicans here who are very conservative want no part of Trump. The guy is truly a loose cannon. Bear in mind that as of a few years ago, Trump was a registered Democrat.

I don’t think you can compare Trump to our Royal Family - the very history of Great Britain is in the monarchy and the church. We keep our monarchy because we still want them - they’re a part of our countries ancestry and heritage - whereas I’m not sure what Donald Trump represents. Just saying.

Not all immigration is bad, when I was healthy in America I did some activities as a management consultant in the greater Atlanta area, hundreds of foreign companies had invested hundreds of millions or much more in the economic development in the area, I used to talk with company executives daily on phone, many European nations would like to have this type of economic development in their local areas. My life was then very different, often also foreign consulates asked me to visit their events.

Maybe that was a half-frivolous comparison, but as I understand it, the monarchy has no real power - they are a figurehead for the true government. I see the monarchy as a ridiculous rendering of medieval times.

I’m half Mexican and yes… even I laughed when he said in all seriousness…

“I don’t hate all Mexicans… hell I’ve even employed a few”

But it’s the little things he says that makes me cringe… “I don’t negotiate anything. I talk and others better listen” (that will go well when dealing with other leaders of other countries… Like China or Russia… or Iran… )

Or when he popped off about firing all the Supreme Court Justices … so now he’s proven he has no idea how our own legal system works.

I hope he runs out of hot air soon.


If Donald Trump thinks he should be president then so do I.

Mouse 2016.

See, it’s just as ridiculous. All I care about is cheese, and all he cares about is his toupees…and being a billionaire celebrity or whatever.

I would vote for Donald Duck before Donald Trump.


That’s funny, we all have read Donald Duck cartoons, since my childhood I have thought that Donald Duck is the President of the USA, and ‘ines’ Duck the First Lady and Scrooge McDuck, the Federal Reserve Bank. The Fed finances Donald Duck’s world adventures.

I do not know if Donald Duck wins nw, because ‘Ines’ Duck Hillary Clinton may win now.

It is so funny though.

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I have no frigging clue what the hell you are trying to say.

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I do not know to whom you posted a question, but ‘Ines’ Duck, Donald Ducks wife, may win in 2016, I am sure they are well financed by Scrooge McDuck, many billionaires behind the election campaign of Hillary Clinton.

We are going to have ducks in the White House? Scrooge is financing Hillary? Not sure if delusional, or a poor attempt at humour…

Or maybe just codenames for potential candidates, humor is good too.

Not all of America, but I don’t doubt he’s saying things other people would like to hear said. Anyone who is able to do basic math realizes the U.S. has been in a default position for over a decade. It’s not a conversation anyone wants to have, particularly those about to retire and go on Social Security.