Funnny thread

What if people had an Easter basketball hunt. and what if people had an easter basketball goal hunt.

What if I picked up a stick and I thought it was ugly and I got angry and I threw it back down.

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Typewriter in the leaves.


what if a stick said to a tree, “you are ugly” and stopped talking

The stick would laugh.

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what if somebody bent over, then looked at their watch and looked at the sky.

If my wife wanted kids and she owned Burger King we’d make that Little Whopper my way.


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what if somebody looked at a tree in the corner of their eye

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Time would say “hello”

what if Roxanna exploted this site.

Tree would smile

What do you mean by exploted?

Have a nice day.

I was just joking around, and I meant what if you exploted this site like an explosion.

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What if you had an eye lash transplant.

what if there was a war and one country dropped a grizzly bear from an airplane on another country to bomb them.

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That would be a major bummer for the grizzly bear unless the grizzly bear had a parachute. :bear: :parachute:


Okay that got me. Airdropping grizzlies without parachutes as an act of war.

What do you mean?

Made me laugh. Ya got me.

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