Funnny thread

What if a country dropped an atomic bomb on an ant and the ant died.

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Grizzley bears still too fat; the parachute wouldn’t work.

Come on now @Moonbeam :joy:

When me and my sisters were kids and we would wish for more money or more friends or a better job my dad would say, “Wish in one hand and sh*t in the other and see which one fills up fastest.”

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One less ant……….

oh, you made me think. I should of said the atomic bomb killed all the ants, but it wouldn’t have been as funny.

For Disney lovers

what if a house was made of tin foil


Your jokes are so painfully unfunny, I’d walk out on them…even if I was on an Airplane!

This thread is titled ‘Funny Thread’…

Shouldn’t this be under the Unusual Beliefs category? :laughing:

What if an ant got struck by a lightning bolt.

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What if an ant got hit by a tornado and he flew through the air like a mile away.

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What if the empire state building fell down on an ant and it died.

What if an ant pushed the empire state building and it fell down.

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I am ant-icipating what comes next XD


What if a bunch of ants were jumping on a trampoline .

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what if an ant got a pair of roller skates and skated around a lake trail.

What if superman slipped and he hit his head on the empire state building and it fell down!!

What if superman gave somebody a high five and he knocked the person back 20 feet, and he made a mistake… and the person got him back by giving him a weggie(spelling)

Well, superman is an easy wedgie target since he wears his underwear on the outside. :thinking:

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