Funny thread

What if superman and the incredible Hulk were about to get in a fight and they got into a starring contest.

what if I were to walk down the road, a tree fell on me and then I got struck by lightning :rofl:

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Batman represents a bat, so what if there was a buffalo man.

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What if elephantman and buffaloman got in a fight and they beat each other up.

What if a helicopter dropped a grizzly bear on the empire state building and the whole building collapsed.

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what if I went to the beach and a wave took me away.

then a whale came and swallowed me whole

hahaha……………………. :grin: :footprints:

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What if a whale went to the beach and a wave took him away and you swallowed him whole!

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typo typo TYPO

Yo, I’m literally dead from your original comment.

My gawd.

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what the one I deleted?

it was a bit too sexual for my liking.

wasn’t my intention that is why I got rid of it

:confounded: :flushed:

What if a helicopter flew over an oil tanker and the person in the helicopter dropped cigarette on the tanker and it made a huge explosion.

That’s fine, I do the same thing.

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What if Flash and slophman got into a fight.


What if Spiderman and superman decided to do paper, rock, sizzers instead of getting in a fight.

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Thank you…1515

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What if I saw a stick stuck in the ground from falling from a tree, and then I said, “that’s weird”, then the whole tree fell on me.

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What if there was a soccer game, and the played with a square ball.

what if I nearly missed my boat ride, then a tsunami came and destroyed us all


What if I die tomorrow :flushed:

what if I ruin my diet tomorrow :rofl: :sweat_smile: :joy:

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