Functional Hallucination?

I’m in my car at the beach now this evening with my husband. The train station is close by. I heard a train squealing to a stop, I think it was stopping. But then the sound of the squealing brakes of the train went on and on. For the last half hour or more, I’m hearing the train nonstop but it’s not there. And the swishing sound of the sea. When I asked my husband can he hear the train he said no. But I’m clearly hearing it nonstop in between the sound of the sea.

I read something like this is called a “functional hallucination” and that it’s not common. To hear a sound within another. It happened to me when I had a severe episode last year - I’d hear mumbling within a fan. Or a few months ago I’d hear an alarm within the tap running.

Is this kind of experience a hallucination? Part of sza?

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I get that but more like an ocd symptoms. The sounds just keep repeating and replaying over and over

I have these all the time.

For me it’s either the flushing of the toilet or the noise from the washing machine that does it.

At times, when I hear a fan, I hear voices at that pitch.
When I hear a voice on television, some times I hear that same voice talking to me using that tone/pitch.

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