Is this a symptom?

It’s the second time in a few months it’s happened but I’ve had similar experiences with white noise, hearing sounds beneath them.

This evening I was at the beach and kept on hearing trains brake and stop at the nearby station. I heard it continuously over the sound of the sea.

I’ve been to the beach many times but didn’t hear the trains continuously like now and that other time. Only when one stopped at the station every ten mins or so.

But today the braking sound didn’t stop. Should I tell my pdoc or is it normal? To hear things in white noise? My previous pdoc thought it was part of illness.


It can’t hurt to ask

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I’d say it’s part of the illness. I’m still in my prodrome, but I hear faint whispers in stuff like fan noise, wind, stuff like that. White noise always gives me anxiety. Would definitely talk to your pdoc about it.

I think you were actually hearing that

It could be the illness. I hear my phone ringing, almost constantly, when I’m in the shower. Or I’ll hear my husband calling my name over and over, when I’m in the shower or getting ready in the bathroom. I think it’s because of the white noise of the fan in there.

Every now and then, I hear people talking and laughing, while I’m trying to fall asleep. I think that’s a distortion of the ceiling fan noise.

And when I’m driving, some days, I hear people honking at me over and over, which really stresses me out. Sometimes, I will hear a siren (like for an ambulance), but no cars are moving over, which tells me that I’m the only one who hears it.

Like @ZmaGal said, it can’t hurt to mention it to your pdoc.


I hear what sounds like the radio but muffled through the fan in the middle of the night. I’m not sure if it’s a symptom though.


I heard it again this evening when I went to beach. Still no trains. Hubby said “are you hearing sounds again, no man baby” so I said I can’t help it. Yes I will ask my pdoc

If its a big bother for you then check it out. Otherwise its probably not an issue

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