Frozen Dinner Diet

Have decided to eat more frozen dinners (portion control) to lose weight.
I’m going to choose healthier frozen dinners like lean cuisine and smart ones.
I’m pretty sure they are lower sodium also.
I will also be supplementing my diet with veggies and dairy.
I’ll see how it goes.


This is what I have decided today, too.

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If you see those dinners on sale I would snatch them up and buy as many you can afford and cram your freezer full of them. Not only will you be saving money but you might save yourself a trip to the store.


Just make a meal. Divide it portion size and freeze what you don’t want.

If I was by myself I’d do that. I live with parents but I’ve lived solo or group houses for most of my life.

Yeah the frozen meals are good. They are quick and easy but if your organised you can live so much cheaper!

Seriously. One rice meal with a bit of protein and you’ve four meals. Do that two time and your there for two weeks and your eating differently. It’s cool to cook these days! Get onboard and learn to cook! It’s not hard and it’s way cheaper!