When was the last time you went to a party?

When was the last time you went to a party? I went to one this weekend and it was OK. I do see why I havent been to one in like over a year, though. It’s basically a bunch of drunk people who take way too long to get their words out in a conversation. I left at 1am and that was considered leaving early. I don’t miss parties now that I’m not an alcoholic. I prefer spending time with a few friends over spending all night and into the morning with the general population. I just don’t have a taste for parties anymore.

I like structure and steadiness, staying out until 3am is just…stupid? Immature? For losers?

I just wanted to be social and I guess I did, but it’s just kind of weird how people only socialize drunk in the AM.

My friends will have a couple of beers but we all go home at midnight and keep it all moderate. I dont get why some people go ■■■■ crazy and drink until they are wasted and stay up till 4. I mean, I did that when I was not on meds, but that’s because alcohol worked to relieve my symptoms and make me sleep.

Do normal people just like to escape life? I talked with one of my hardest working friends about young people in our society, and he said that young people all seem to live to escape life and alter their brains on the weekends. He and I went to the gym and ate chicken and rice before having that conversation…on a Saturday night while the rest of our friends were having a small party, all high or drunk.

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I never was one of the party goers - one of the Crowd. I went to bed early + got up before daybreak + went walking under the night sky. Chalk it up to Sz.

Apart from going to the ‘party’ at the resource centre(the last time was in 2008) i have not been to a party for decades. I’m unlikely to attend any in the future as i have no friends.

Attended my grandmothers Irish Wake on August 28,2013. My sibling’s spouse was offended and found everything distasteful. The drinking. Guiness beer cheers, The Chieftains music. :four_leaf_clover:

Edit to add: There was even a step dancing contest.


Outside of family parties, that would be back in 1976 or so.

I went to a small party last summer. I have a tendency to get really drunk and dance, so the next few days I feel really embarrassed. Parties are fun, but I feel the older I get the fewer opportunities I have to go to parties, what with the social isolation and all.

That sounds awesome! I need to write that in my will, Irish Wake with guiness and celtic music. My friends would so dig it

hey mortimer. i was at a kegger in january. it was pretty fun. made out with a few girls. haven’t really partied since then.

yeah, young people do love to escape life and get drunk. its our generation.

Same with me, only I chalked it up to low tolerance for stupid. The best part is when I run into a few of the “party people” from high school and they look pretty well worn. I was in bed by 10 PM and got up early too, it’s a plus for looking younger than my age.

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I don’t know. Never was one for partying. Now even less since I don’t drink. Turned down an invitation a couple of months ago to a “girls night” at my sisters as watching others drink isn’t fun for me.

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I haven’t been to a “party” since I was a heavy drinker and drug user. I don’t drink or do drugs anymore, so I stay away. Last time my kid sis was at a party, she had to do first aid on an over dose and drive a drunk friend home. She’s a straight edge so she doesn’t like “party’s” either.

But picnic’s?.. We are all about the picnic. We rock the picnic basket hard when the weather warms up.


I cant stand parties. Im a bit of a wallflower, I keep to myself. I wouldn’t want to go to a party at all, in fact I even have plans made out how I’ll avoid people (extended family) at future funerals and weddings. I’ll probably just go to the funeral but will not turn up at the “afters” reception. I don’t think that’s rude, its just I have social anxiety.

I turned down two parties from a guy that is a drug dealer I know from the bar I go to because I have a hard time saying no when I’m drunk. Mostly the reason I drink is out of boredom. I think people are naturally suppose to grow up when they have kids. Girls should get over the princess thing when they have a baby to take care of all the time and provide for. Guys have to give up wanting to have fun all the time when they have a baby to take care of and provide for.

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no alcoholics dont go to parties. we eat a lot of cakes tho:)

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