Fresh and Clean Shower Thread


I think when in a pinch

just clean the smelly parts

Phil will still accept hairy legs.


I hate showering. I like bathing better. I bathe more now that I have a tub. I took a bath today, washed my hair, brushed my teeth and flossed, and put on perfume. I’m so proud of my self.


@ginalovea2 , when I can, I wash my hair with yogurt. I’ve gotten compliments.


Maybe i stink to the outside but inside i am clean. Some filth i collected throughout my life can’t be washed out anymore.


I usually shower at least 5 days out of the week. It’s a great feeling.


I forget to brush my teeth. When I was working I brushed my teeth daily.


I haven’t shaved in years. Nobody to see my stuff.


That’s a drawback with showers. Although maybe one could use a back scrubber?


I’m going to take a shower now and brush my teeth. I’ve been very depressed all day today, but went outside to take a walk in the snow and feel a little better now.


shower finito. Dinner next


I didn’t bathe yesterday.


I showered yesterday. Felt good.


I showered this morning. Got all that wax out my hair. Steaming hot shower. It felt good cause it’s winter.

This house has a really powerful shower so it’s nice it’s almost like having a massage it’s so powerful. I feel good now.


I forget to brush mine. I have very bad teeth because of it.


I just showered.

Feel like a king!!!


Haha, I feel the same way. Showers are tough.


I wash the areas of my body that can stink without a shower, almost every day. I’m a lot better about it nowadays. I had a time when I’d only shower twice a week.


I showered today. I feel fantastic. Must make myself do this more often.


I showered and then put my hair up.

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