You are kidding right?

You got insane interdimensional beings ■■■■■■■ with you?

You got their followers ■■■■■■■ with you?

Take a shower. Go for a walk.

See how ■■■■■■■ stupid that ■■■■ sounds to us?

Getting tortured, better jump in the shower.

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Yes to all…

Just had a shower. ■■■■■■■ freezing now. Crappy would-be summer

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Actually I was told by a muslim that unclean genitals can attract jinn. I find showering does ward off their dark energy.

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Superstitions only.

Jinn will come and go as they please, whether you are clean or not.

It attracts nothing. If anything they just want clean good looking slaves.

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You can’t be assimilated unless you are a psychopath.

They want us to be angry. They want us to be hateful and sadistic.

I only feel normal when I am of dark energy.

It feels powerful.

It was my normal mind set in my past. They used to put me in such states quite often back when I didn’t know they existed.

Just remember.

Knowledge is knowledge.

Power is power.

The true crime is they design us to be sheep. Yin energy is feminine; yang is masculine. Get it.

You are dark.

Yin is masculine, yang, the black part, is feminine.

Backwards again.

Yin yields, yang dominates. Get your facts straight.

Who is more dominating than the feminine.

Look around bro.

You got it backwards, we usually do at first.

yin certainly isnt pascifist. Bending, absorbing, refelctive

Some women are taken over by these beings and given unnatural defiance to males. That is your mistake. They are also assisted by them. But without their assistance they would be slapped down. As in the witch.

paper beats stone

We should create a occult society of our own and punish the witch.

I made a witch become sick and become 90lbs with my mind and through channeling a poem addressed to her that this would happen.