Freaky but true fact

Freaky but true fact:
A former friend once stated she could not hang clothing on the clothesline outside her home out in the far suburbs as stuff would be stolen & returned in the next week’s load not fitting… but REALLY ALTERED IN ONE SPOT, NOT SHRUNKEN. Alterations were sewn on with ‘serger’ sewing machine with alterations to the waist, bottom hems and inner hems to redo bell-bottom pants. ‘Serger’ sewing machines will make seams which look exactly like factory-sewn, straight from the store. I was skeptical at the time…Woman was living in wealthy, abusive family and did feed friends to the family sex abuse problem so I heard a lot of stories about all brands of oddities done by wealthy folks who do not need to work or have no normal responsibilities but…Unfortunately, I’ve had a few of the braggings pulled on me without any protection from cops as the threats play out on me exactly as delivered in retaliation and to entertain her family abusers. Anyway…

Years later, I spent a couple weeks in the local state mental hospital here with a major depressive episode due to bad mental care team who refused help with PTSD. During the crafts class, I noted the really expensive ‘Serger’ sewing machine sitting in the room and asked which classes use this. The lady told me only 1 employee was allowed to use the machine. I asked if sewing machine was used to repair the donated clothing items given to indigent patients, she said no and changed the subject.
Anyway, when admitted the staff took note all clothing brought with all patients, especially noting the mall-brand or better clothing. I saw a lot of paranoid people on my ward who kept their clothing in the lockers but I didn’t think much about it and put my stuff in the drawers. Many of the patients were repeat customers… Well, when I was discharged, my favorite new pair of bell-bottom jeans were REALLY tight, straight leg. I looked over the jeans repeatedly…the seams were not obviously redone, size was right, and my own hem was still present on the bottom of my jeans. (I have to hem most pants, petites are even a little long sometimes.)

I was really upset about this pair of jeans as had to pay mall prices for these pants which was 5 hours of pay at the time. I was hospitalized one more time after this and insisted my family only bring hoodie, sweats and t-shirts plus old sneaks.

A mellow female friend (who would not hurt a fly) rented a room in house with several older roommates in a small town. The woman walked to work in all kinds of cold/hot weather both ways totaling over a mile. Someone living in this house cut the buttons off the woman’s coat in dead of winter…At the time, I had lost a lot of weight so I had a spare coat I gave her. On our next outing, she mentioned the lining was almost ripped out of the back of the coat for some reason…I repaired this too. But you understand something is wrong with a lot of people who are part-time closet schizo and will follow orders from voices to do anything. Government hospitals are not immune either from head games.

So, for anyone who wonders…it’s a crazy world. Just try to be okay. (I shop mainly clearance racks and used any longer. I cannot afford other people’s problems as I only earned a modest living while working full-time and supported myself on this okay until the nervous breakdown and psychosis symptoms. Better with cheap basics than ruined …)

Those name brand pants are expensive. I shop at used or buy clearance too and I try to be okay.