Shrek strikes again

my sister in law ( who is long suffering ) , genius of a husband decided to be helpful for once and put a load of washing on, boiling hot water, for three hour cycle ? ( who does that ! )
with all of her favorite clothes !
and ’ one ’ red sock ( why one i have no idea ? )
the genius result was ’ barbie - the doll ', now has a new wardrobe of pink clothes…
my nieces are delighted…
my sister in law not so…
she is so lucky , and he makes me look so good.
my sister in law says to my wife quite often , if she comes back to this earth plain she is going to get a sz for a husband…she is sick of ugg ugg.
take care


This guy makes me feel better about myself.

I have put the dirty clothing in the dryer, then the washer then been confused when they are wet when they should be done. There was a time this would stop me dead in my tracks. But now I just shrug and put the wet cloths in the dryer again.

ONE red sock. I bet some stuff shrank as well. Poor sis-in-law. Well, she can reward herself with shopping for some new clothing.

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