Clothing pains

What a pain unnecessary clothing is? So much trouble just to hide the transies. I think we have already had at least one woman president.

Changing cloths is a real torture for me with this cold cold weather…

to beautiful chordy , as to clothes i have the same blue shirts, same blue jeans, same work boots, same jackets for winter, i literally get out of the dirty version, and put on the cleaner version.
it helps my ocd and no thinking as to what i wear ! ( i know i am a genius , no need to tell me ! )
take care

I have to pay a lot of money for trousers that are plus sized AND tall whod have thought women come in all shapes and size sort it out shop people hehe

I have three pairs of similar trousers(two pairs currently in use) and 3-4 t shirts i wear regularly(all shades of blue). I mainly alternate between those except when the two pairs of trousers are in wash and then i wear jogging bottoms until they’re washed and dried.
It can take me days to change my clothes.

I also have quite a few pairs of jeans but none of them fit me where i have gradually put on weight over the years.

I guess i look quite scruffy . I am not very good when it comes to clothes shopping. When my wife was alive and well she did my clothes shopping

firemonkey top tip elasticated trousers so comfy but they look like smart trousers I hate jeans cause ive got yoyo weight due to meds. and they last too ive got trouser older than my nephew lol

The trousers i’ve got are elasticated. I started using them several years ago. They allow for a little weight gain in the way that non elasticated don’t.
I know there’s elasticated jeans but i am not sure whether they give much more leeway re weight gain than normal jeans.

Have you checked pennington’s? That’s where I buy my clothes. I am 5’11" and a plus size.

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