Found Out A Bad Secret About Myself Last Week

There was a time I used to be bright. :sunny: :flashlight: :bulb:
Report cards were all A’s and B’s. Went away to college.

On Tuesday morning I had to write a literacy test at the clinic. Supervised by a pdoc. :astonished:

I’m at an elementary school reading level. Grade 3. So I guess i’m no longer the brightest bulb around. :bulb:

SZ has damaged by brain.


I can’t read like I used to, but there are a great many lessons in life that have nothing to do with books. Just refocus your outlook.


Maybe you’re just bad at tests. Do you read for pleasure? I don’t read as much as I used to.


i know someone who on paper is a ’ genius ', and he is amazing at his job, finance , but the rest of his life he is a bit of a dunce.
a result on a paper does not define who you are.
take care


take the IQ test posted recently on here, it will probably make you feel better. Or maybe it wont. Just something to do.

I think you’re smart, from what you post. That is just a dumb test.

I feel your pain! I’ve been thinking about this a lot.

I used to be able to point out details that most people wouldn’t notice and now… I don’t notice what most notice. My ability to organize my thoughts and retain information is minimal.

I wish I had something to say that would be helpful to you other than: you can’t possibly be at a third grade reading level with all of that reading that you do!

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This is written by someone beyond a third grade reading level!
Many people panic at tests. The real tests in this world are at life.

Things like that can be temporary. I’m willing to bet that you recover most of your reading ability in time.

I’ve pretty much lost the ability to read due to concentration issues , and listen to audio books now. I used to be a bookworm and loved reading all my life.

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I bet if you applied yourself to reading you would pick it up again. You’re talking yourself out of this ability.