I hate myself

School has started and all I can think of is how I was one of the few people who didn’t pass kindergarten. I feel born to lose.

@chordy Look to the future not the past. You’ve passed everything since so kindergarten doesn’t matter. It seems when kids fail at that age it doesn’t say anything about their intelligence. Just maybe they were underdeveloped a bit or maybe had trouble learning. I’m sure that was the case with you. Your posts are always intelligent and written well.

My Mom taught me to write. I think I had separation anxiety, I was small and didn’t fit in at school. I didn’t have a clue as to how to make friends so I didn’t. That early failure haunts me. I can be very dense still.

it wasn’t til 1st grade, right?

kindergarten was okay

beginning of 1st, where should Sheri be

they thought of holding me back

each class had a hierarchy

the slow kids, the mediocre, the smart kids

not til 2nd grade did I get to the middle.

Its nothing to hate yourself for. There are people who do so much good to the world and never went to school. School is not most important. Think about history…nobody went to school then.

I’m aware that book learning can be inadequate. Formal education was very important to my parents is why I get so discouraged.

I’ve been feeling like a loser again because I didn’t make it into nursing school and people I know who are younger than me are getting in and starting. Not cool. I just feel like this bum living at my parents house can’t get a job can’t get into school loser.

In other words you’re not alone :confused:

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Here’s a hug for you.



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