I don't know many things haha. Not

I don’t really know much. I wish I was smart it makes for better conversations sometimes.

Just got to do as I please and not compare detrimentally. Lolol.



Your smart im sure. You got this far in life so your doing something right.

I prefer non intellectual convos for the most part I have more fun in that realm. But I know when to be serious too.


I used to be really booksmart till I was about 14. Went from a high achiever in math and most subjects to pretty much low in math. Still did well in english even with some issues with comprehension. Still did enough to matriculate to uni but got thrown out for a low gpa.

Anyways. Since being on meds I’m way less smart than I used to be when young for sure but I have my strengths. I can talk under water and do well socially. In fact I probably am way more at home talking and in conversation than writing but I do have some practical street smarts…

That is my point to you. I think you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to be successful with things. You just need some practical knowledge and a bit of skill. I don’t mind being a bit dumber with things. I get there eventually and I have plenty of time!

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Thanks LevelJ1.

I am a little smart in terms of survival skills but my book smartness is not that good.

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It’s good you don’t mind. That’s cool.

I wish I was smarter but like you, my focus isn’t even amazing.

Anyway thanks for the input :pray:

Being intelligent is a greata gift. I feel like theres a lot of other gifts too like bravery, enthusiasm, balance…those are great gifts too😁

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I think you need to set priorities and what you are interested in. Someone interested reading books lacks maybe some simple practical skills.

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im not all that book smart and i read alot lol.

i enjoy it but memorization isnt my strong point so it gets to the point where its like who is this person and how do they relate to the others and im like they are who they are in the moment.

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I wish I was smart enough to have good conversations with people. I never have anything to talk about.

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Sorry to hear that. It’s kinda cool when one knows a lot. I wish I at least had motivation to read but… Nope! :thinking::open_book:

I only read the forum and news. I don’t read books anymore because I can’t remember anything I read.

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