Found a way to stop the voices

All you have to do is focus on the voice until you can control it and then keep it high pitched so they cant use it against you.

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I used to be able to imagine a volume dial, and turn it all the way up, then all the way down.


Doesn’t work for me

Pretend the voice is yours and say something out of it, they might think its their own thoughts but you could tell them “I dont want to mess with this guy anymore”

They hate being called thougts so do that

You are paying attention to the voices, thoughts etc and that is the problem. Will you pay attention to birds noise? Same way simply ignore it. When you start to ignore it you make it less valuable. Let it play there but simply focus on other things and thus distract yourself from those voices and thoughts.

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I agree that’s the best way without fighting to get rid of them

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