Forgiveness and self-forgiveness

HHi there,

I am struggling with forgiving others and myself. I used to be very forgiving towards others - not self, even as a toddler I was very perfectionist and strict for myself.

Now I am sometimes filled with either self-hatred or anger at the people who abused me or didnt help me and “made me” who I am now. I dont like myself.

Oftentimes I am well, things arent so bad. But I have really shitty periods and I feel forgiveness and self forgiveness are key. I know people who are very relaxed and like themselves and if they make a mistake they just Carry on…I want to be like that! :slight_smile: And I want my old forgiving self back.

But - how? Anyone struggled with this and found something that worked?

I suppose having schizophrenia you can tend to dwell on things and you can go over and over things in your mind

There has to be healing first. If the atmosphere for healing isn’t present, forgiveness probably won’t happen.

Just forgive and forget …thats all…