Forgiving yourself

i have learnt to forgive myself for past mistakes and regrets, its a wonderful feeling when you let go of the past and start fresh everyday


Congratulations. It’s hard work, but it helps getting rid of all that past pain. I’m glad your at a point in life where you can let the past go and breathe the free air.

I’m working on this very process as well. I’ve been going through my old journals and using what memory I have left and writing down the stuff I regret the most, apologizing to the person I hurt most during that incident (If they are still around) and then we burn the pages together. I’ve been doing this for about two years now.

thanks J, i find the secret is not to feel guilty, just accept it and move on,that is what i did, most people in world do it, become the person you were meant to be, spread the good will and it comes back to you i find. i found there is no point in feeling bad gets me no where so im learning to feel good most of the time

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My brain drifts and odd questions happen.

My question is… I was just wondering if you’ve studied some theology as well as psychology?

i havent studied theology but i am kind of fascinated with it along with psychology. i find there is a lot of answers to the questions when i look for them throughout the history of both and then try to apply it to my journey as a plus.