I`m 56 years old and am diagnosed with paranoid sz, obsessive thoughts, and anxiety. I’m always forgetting things, usually after a day or two have passed. I read an editorial in a news journal last weekend, but on Monday I couldn’t tell my case manager the name of the publication and what the article was about, but I remembered reading it.

Are other people with sz forgetful? A pdoc I saw said memory problems are not a symptom of sz, and gave me a dementia test which I passed.

I would like to hear from others with memory problems and what has helped them.

I am. I had a series of tests done to ascertain what level of cognitive functioning I had pre-scz - I was told I fit the ‘‘very intelligent’’ bracket - However memory wise I couldn’t repeat six words or numbers back that were told to me aloud. Image wise I could copy an image in front of me and re-copy it without sight moments later.

I suggest you do some cognitive tests to help you, there’ll be plenty around and they’re meant to aid in recovering some of that loss of memory capacity.

Same thing here, that test with the numbers backwards I’m getting better at it now. I read a lot, don’t know if that helps to improve memory. But man, I forget lots of stuff. I also can’t remember names of books or authors, or simple things in life like a dog of a friend of mine that died and I didn’t remember and asked “how’s your dog?” hmpf :unamused:


I have sz and depression. I am 53. I think some of it happens naturally as we age, like the “what the hell did I come in here for?” memory :frowning: episodes. I have been told depression affects concentration, which affects memory. I have had psychotic memory issues with sz where it is like I hallucinate seeing and experience doing something, but then find I haven’t done it, like unplug my flat iron, or put my cell phone in my purse. I think sz does affect memory for me anyway.

Yeah, I hallucinate events too if I’m not on meds…

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My phone basically. I set alarms, have an app to record if I’ve taken medication. Write things down to remember. Etc.

I’m on abilify and it makes my memory worse, so maybe it’s a side effect of your meds too.


Yes, that is good advice. I make lists and set alarms on my phone too to remind me. As for remembering other actions, have to double check locking doors or put keys and phone in same place. I will forget movies and things I have read at times, so not sure of how to help that memory issue other than the act of writing notes of what I watched or read seems to cement the memory.


I’m on Risperdal, Prozac, and Klonopin. Have to ask the meds doc about them.

Benzodiazepines ■■■■ with your memory.

I just discovered some papers from more than a year ago that I had forgotten about until now.
I do that pretty often, actually.
2 kool 4 skool

I wouldn’t worry too much about the article. You probably didn’t remember what it was about because you didn’t take the time to read it carefully. I don’t think the bit with the article is indicative of any memory problems. I’m 56, and I forget things too. I’m not going to worry about it too much.

I program reminders into Google Calendar for everything. I’m currently using checklists in the Evernote app on my phone extensively to step myself through learning a new job I’ve taken. The guy training me has given me the occasional odd look, but admits that I train very quickly. That’s because I’ve found hacks to work around my lousy memory.


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I forgot a very important Dr appointment for my mother, I was going to drive her there, and she called asking if I had forgotten it. …opps yeah,
but I dropped everything I was doing and got her there in time, thank goodness the Dr was also running a bit late too, first time I’ve done that.
Felt real stupid.

My memory is too good, but unfortunately, not many people think it’s a good thing.

*My son also forgets things-I have to remind him sometimes…
He also loses things all the time! :persevere:
Like keys, ID, SS card… **

I’m beginning to forget things a lot, forget words while I’m talking, forgetting how to spell - and I’ve always prided myself with spelling and grammar. I think it’s my meds/illness itself or maybe I’ve began the brain decline in my 30’s.

I threw my drivers license away a couple months ago! I dug through the outside garbage and found it, thankfully lol

**Ha! My son will lose something-then accuse everyone of stealing it-then find it later…where he put it so he would not lose it!! :grin: **

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Yep… Sounds like me. Not proud of it but it’s hard to react differently when you’re a little paranoid all the time.

Or when others really are swiping your stuff but deny doing it…the meanest ones return items months-to a few years later- always in cycles.