I hate being so forgetful

This memory problem that comes with sz and sa is ridiculous. And with the bipolar i t cycles. Most people are used to it with me, it’s laughed off by most. It isn’t funny to me, though.

Then we have the “oh i forget things too” crowd. Sometimes I get upset and explain how it really is. The blank mind and panicking over stuff so bad that you have a reall panic attack. Getting kicked out of doctor practices for missing appointments.

Or losing things and panicking while tearing the place apart, obsessed with finding the lost thing. Or forgetting words and looking like an idiot while trying to remember.

I hate it all. I had to keep apologizing yesterday at my hearing and saying “i think” or “i’m not sure”

Yeah my memory is terrible too. My husband is really frustrated with it. I wish I could remember words and where things are etc. as far as appointments go, I schedule alarms that remind me the day before an appointment as well as an hour before an appointment so I remember to go. I also have a medication reminder app in my phone.


I have what you mentioned, @ZombieMombie
Except I schedule transportation and am reminded the night before by a call from the transportation company. I carry a planner in my leather backpack purse. Maybe that’s an idea to help.

You’re not alone. Stay strong. Take care.

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I feel your pain. Mid sentence I have to stop talking because I have either forgotten a word or have no idea what I’m talking about.
I lose stuff constantly. Most commonly the glasses on my face. I forget how to make meals I’ve made a zillion times before.
I swear I have early onset dementia.

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What scares me is that I can never keep track of my car keys or glasses, yet I’m the one organizing my team at work. How the hell did that happen? (God Bless Outlook Calendar.)

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I thought the same thing until my pdoc said sza and sz cause it.

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