Do you feel like youre losing your memory with sz?

Lately ive been feeling like im losing a major portion of my memory and was wondering if anyone with sz has encountered anything like thism Im super afraid im getting Alzheimer’s disease. Any similar stories?

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I keep forgetting things I’ve done in less than 24 hours. So,yes I think there is some memory loss. Medication could have something to do with it in a way I imagine.

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I don’t know your age but Alzheimer’s is pretty rare if you’re under 60.

I have this problem.
My memory is shocking at best.
Depending on my stability levels…

I’ll keep losing my train of thought, even when I am thinking something pleasant. I hope it’s not early onset Alzheimer’s.

I know it’s the meds as when I’m just about to orgasm I lose focus and can’t ejaculate.

Also when I talk I just forget what I’m talking about my doc would say it’s the sz however I blame the meds

Ya. I have a terrible memory now. But it’s not dementia.

Maybe we’re trapped here because we forgot the way out

I go up and down, memory can fail somewhat the more stressed I get. I did well on a memory test in a closed room and quiet area, in the real world I would probably fail

My memory is horrible and after my psychotic episode I forgot all my internet passwords and everything

what was the question again?


My short term memory is not so good.

I talk to myself where am I what am I doing …
I am nice to myself helping myself through such best I can.

Not sure about long term memory .

I get lost looking for my house. I miss anything that isn’t in my phone. I have to set an alarm to remember to pick up my kids from school. I have to check and double check everything so I don’t forget things

My short term memory is like swiss cheese, I sometimes forget what I was talking about a few minutes ago.