"Forced speech" - do any of you experience it?

I know people who experience their voices seemingly talking through their body and forcing them to say things. Do any of you also experience this?

It’s a delusional thought

Yes I did a lot

Then the intrusion of not being able to talk either

What did you say when you felt like you were not in control of what you were saying? Did it seem like it was the same personality as your voices?

It doesn’t constitute as a delusion in so much as for you to believe your conscious mind is not in control of what your physical body does, or else Tourettes syndrome would constitute as a delusional disorder. :thumbsdown:

Ok. That’s all I needed to know. Your just seeking out support and affirmation for unusual ideas as usual. Nothing new

I’m not saying this isn’t a condition. I am merely asking if anyone here has experienced this as well and what it was like.

I have experienced it in the sense it felt like something was speaking through me and it didn’t feel like me. But I discount it to a delusional and intrusive way of thinking

And what did you say when you felt like you were not in control of what you were saying? Was it in a similar personality as your hallucinations?

No it was similar to my own personality. Just felt different.

I did have the case of Jesus taking over my mind and body though and then was speaking through me. That was definitely not my personality

What kinds of things did you say when you felt like a Jesus personality took over your body? What did it feel like? Was it scary? Was it painful?

yeah I’ve this happen…thankfully never in public and most of the time only half the word would come out. The voice said it could make me say anything and claimed it was eventually going to have me accuse my own self of some crime. But only half words came out before I caught myself…

i try to keep my mouth shut because the male and female voices in my mind confuse me. why do i feel like i’m 2 gender?

And once again, I don’t consider that a delusion that you experienced that. As I said, seemingly take over your body. That is how it seemed and your voices took credit for it. Having a hallucination claim something, whether in your head, or some how through your body, in itself does not constitute as a delusion. I would imagine from a personal point of view though it would be very convincing it involved telepathy. In that sense, I think people should be understanding and sympathetic to people who go through this and not just blame purely their thinking. This involves things beyond what their conscious mind is in control of that seemingly make it very convincing there could be something more to the experience.

Like for instance, experiencing your voices tell you things you consciously had no awareness of knowing prior to them saying it. This in itself is not a delusion, and it makes it seemingly appear like the voices are more than a hallucination. I’ve experienced this a number of times myself. This is the kind of thing I think that really makes people drawn to fringe theories and alternative ways of looking at it, and to write the whole experience as a delusion and cognitive issue on their part is unfair.