For women menopausal

What age you get menopause
I think I heading for menopause age45

I’m 40 and was recently diagnosed as menopausal and am now on a hormone patch for hot flashes. It has reduced the hot flashes and made them less severe. Do you have any menopausal symptoms?

the only symptom I have is amenorrhea for 5 years. I’m 49. So who knows

My mom started around 45-47, something like that. I’m 50 and the process has definitely begun, but I’m on birth control and that slows the process down…

I’ve seen a few lectures by this doctor. I like her a lot, and I bought this book for a friend some years ago and now need to get it for myself.

I was at least 50 it slowly went away skipping months.

I didn’t feel any side effects at all and was sorta sad but then no muss no fuss.

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I think I was 34 when I got my early menopause due to having my ovaries removed because I had ovarian cancer.
I survived!:tada:

I was on patches but they made me bleed heavily for five years every two weeks or so.

I recently stopped them and started Swiss o we counter supplements for menapause.

Apparently I get hot flushes sometimes but I’m so happy to not be bleeding anymore and to have survived what I did.



I’m 39 now.
My dr is worried about osteoporosis but I take calcium supplements and am going for a test soon.

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I’m 41. I don’t know if this is the start of menopause but my breasts hurt all month and then I got my period and it went away and has yet to comeback. I read that Breast soreness for a long time can be a sign of menopause. What do you gals think? I smoke and I read that can cause menopause to start early as well.

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Sorry to be a man budding in on this convo and I know nothing. But I met a woman once who was 53, just starting menopause and she was a chronic smoker. But like I said, I know nothing!!

I started menopause at age 51. Finished at age 52. I’m a non smoker.