For who else the oversleeping and the lack of energy was a symptom too?

In my case, its not the meds folks… Long before the diagnosis, i learned to sleep a lot… Ive also was weak and dead like for long… Now, i work on my mind, but i still get the oversleeping and the lack of energy…
I also suffer from cognitive deficits and i think its all a symptom along with the lack of energy lol… Even my sister called me a zombie once… I seem dead like tbh and most of the people see me as depressed, but the docs are sure its sz though… I guess just that its rarer for a sz to be so dead like lol…
Yeap, my sz was often quite in the ‘‘low’’…
What kind of sz is this in fact? To always want to sleep etc? Its negatives or what?
Who else was like this too? Did you get better on the oversleeping etc?..
Also, what are the effects on a normie if he sleeps for 16 hours? He’ll be loose too or what?


I was once on a heavy dose of Seroquel… I think that’s why I can relate.

Actually Another time I was on Saphris which didn’t help this either.

But now I take Haldol 20 mg a day. And seem to have energy, (tho my coffee intake has grown over the years).

Still I think what I’m telling you here is that a med change, or ‘add on’ can help. I hope it can… I remember it’s not fun sleeping your days away.

I sleep 12 hours a day, which I consider oversleeping. I have no energy either.

I precised, that my illness causes sleepiness, not my meds. I was like this before the meds… Thats why i wonder what kind of sz is this?
I can handle also only zyprexa, i tried all the other aps for ten years, this is done. Even one pdoc told me honestly, that ive tried way too many aps… I did them all, theres no point to go back there. My sz is special tbh…
But does someone here regained his energy with efforts?

I slept 12 hours last night. I don’t like doing this. I will feel upset or irritated now for a few hours.

I’ve gotten into a groove in the past few days of sleeping way too much. I just like sleep a lot, it’s not necessary to do that really.

Thank you all for the answers… tbh, it’s one of my main symptoms. I do it since a teenager and maybe this low activity and the oversleeping too kill neurons too, idk… Maybe this is a negative symptom of sz? :smirk: none of my ill friends never slept like this, I lost my life to be like this… It was very upsetting to see my life going by next to me tbh :pensive: idk why I am such a sz…
Tbh, now I am left to heal a bit more only by my efforts, which is a lonely battle, but we’ve tried many meds and they never got me some life. I now prefer to fight with efforts too… idk if I am alone in this…
Do you also know if there would be some bad effects too of oversleeping on a normie too? What kind if you could guess?
Take care all

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