Do you get deadness at no time? Did you recover on this too?

Tbh, i feel sick since kid and even my teenage years were marked by way too much sleeping…
Since the diagnosis, my sleep schedule is a bit strange, but at no time, the evenings, i get dead tired… All i can think about then is to sleep. I guess my thinking is poor then, my despair about my future bigger etc…
I find, that i rush in my mind in the day still, maybe thats why i get tired in the evenings, what do you think?
Its a very upsetting thing tbh, i lose lots of hours in the day to be dead like this… Its a bit painful too.
Were you having something similar? I hope i’ll recover on my mind and my energy one day… Maybe to recover in my thinking, will fix this asleep body too, idk…
Who else? Did you recover on this?

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I’m tired from my AP. It’s wiping me out. I hope you get some energy soon

I have this problem before the meds tbh… I wonder what kind of sz is this, which gets so physical and sleepy :confused:
I just wonder if i’ll fix and calm my thinking, it will be fixed too?
Yeah, who else recovered on his energy? Did the meds helped you for this?

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I’m, too, tired all day long. I need to lay in bed for several hours across the day. I take my night meds between 6pm. I get up to smoke some cigarettes then I hit a point where I want to fall asleep. Thanks to my new medication I can sleep, even if I wake up once or twice a night, but I can go back and manage to sleep.

Before my diagnosis with 21 I quit gaming for couple of years, and I wasn’t skateboarding anymore because all of my friends have stoppen skateboarding. I was laying on my couch for two years. That was before I got diagnosed with sz.

When I was in hospital the first time to get my diagnosis, then I was laying in bed the whole day. Since then I just layed in bed at daytime. Just when I started smoking I got out of my bed and to be in front of the computer. Since december 2013 I lay most of the time in my bed. Without the smokes, the first couple years I was the whole day in bed, but now I get up to smoke. And I couldn’t start something positive.

Somehow I don’t understand this. I lost my will to live. I don’t think I can make a change ever anymore.

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