Lowering meds

Lowered meds yesterday and i feel so much better, symptoms of depersonalization almost dissaperared. I’ve done much more things done. Akathisia almost gone etc. Feeling normal almost. Thats happends to me.

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nice to know, gratz

What meds and what dose are you on now so?

Edit: nevermind I see your on an injection. Well best of luck. I hope it works out.

Nice. Feels so weird and i feels just some anxiety when typing on forums. I would like to type much more posts here :slight_smile:

Like you said. Now i am quite low dosage with meds. Only 1/2 ampul. Feels so much normal and feeling some increased motivation and happiness.

Used to hear voices, bad voices. Laughing all the time in my head. Not anymore (2 years ago heard these). Only when i’m about to get into sleep i hear some quiet laugh sometimes due to zopiclone+melatonine

A lot of people hear voices as they fall asleep

I have only some laughing type of sound when i heard from pass all the time but now only like from computer or when when im on bed i hear some laughning from pipes. That doesn’t bother me too much

Sometimes I’ll hear voices in running water and fans etc. used to happen constantly.

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I was over overdosared the med i’m using. Had 4 times more dosage and i’m currenly feeling much more better with this dosage.

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Yeah i usually hear from fans and pipes like u said. No paranoid.

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wow that’s great. I believe in taking the lowest dose possible for relief of symptoms. But it can be really hard to be constantly changing meds. I heard a scary voice from the electrical and telephone outlets (calling my name) scary shite man.

Nurse said that she has never been saw so low much low dosage on antipsychotics with anybody else than me

I still hear voices whenever the coffee machine is brewing. That thing likes to talk some ■■■■!

Sorry to hear that, I had yesterday racing thoughts but not going paranoid. Now just feeling normal

omg that’s too funny (not funny but ironic), why does it happen when there’s other noise like that? It’s just weird.

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anyone hearing voices when listening some music? when singing some songs on mind?

antipsychotics are really terrible meds on mind when using on high dosage. Doc told me that i had “normal” dosage with injection. Now i am just feeling much more normal every day. Having lowest dosage than could be.

Whats the benefits and cons from reducing meds for you?? First i was afraid of having some hearing voices but seems like not. How about you guys?? Increase motivation here