For those who take geodon what dose worked for you

my psychiatrist started me on the lowest dose of geodon (20mg twice a day) about 10 days ago and i wont be able to get a higher dose until my appointment April 4th. I want to know what dose worked for you hopefully i dont have to take a really high dose

I had to take a really high dose, it has a short action half life so you need more i neeeded like 140-160 and i still had profound symptoms, it wasnt enough

Originally, I just needed 40 mg once a day. But then, I tried going off my meds and relapsed, so now I need 80 mg. It has been very effective for me, with very few side effects.

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I’m on 240 mg Geodon a day. But, that’s not all I’m on. I also take Risperdal Consta 37.5 mg injectable every two weeks. And Seroquel 200 mg every night. My only side effects on all of these medications combined are: very dry mouth, and constipation.

Geodon was the worst med i have ever taken. Doctor refused to take me off it and i had sleep problems and felt sick for like a year. I hope this doesnt happen to u


So I’ll start off by saying meds are different for everyone (like I’m on zyprexa but most people I talk to Hate zyprexa, I love it)

But geodon was the absolute worst. I think I was on 40mgs a day and I just felt absolutely horrible, physically and mentally. It was really rough. My doc wanted to increase the dose and I refused, that’s when we switched to zyprexa. I’m hoping to try vraylar though