For those who have experience with 12 step programs

I’ve dealt with kinds of addictions , and it doesn’t make life fun.
I was wondering I could get something out of the 12 steps, although I’m not alcoholic.
There is a book by Richard Rohr on the 12 steps, and I want some opinions about whether it’s worth looking into.

I think i might as well be an alcoholic; I lost everything, I mean everything, during the last five years, I’ve truly fallen apart and am on the path to getting better.

They have emotions anonymous meetings where mostly everyone is sz sza or bp. I’ve been to one it was good.

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really? i will look into this. i could end up with a bp dx

They’re rare. There was one in my area per week. But yeah I liked it. Everyone was hugging each other and being supportive. I felt like a family from the one meeting.

i found one near me.

only problem is, its at a church, and i don’t like churches.

how do the meetings go? what do they talk about?

We read from a book for twenty minutes. Then we just shared for the last 40 minutes about our thoughts and feelings. One guy shared about hearing voices, another about sensing ghosts. Some cried, saying they were having difficulty. But I think it was the most supportive atmosphere I’ve experienced

Wow, this sounds like my thing.

Thanks for the info man.

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Hey, I found one near me too! This is potentially awesome!

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The 12-steps are similar to the bible. All the suggestions on how to live a good clean life and all the principles they suggest could benefit anyone.You may not approve of the whole AA, CA, NA, OA, programs and you may think the bible is rubbish but they have great ideas in both of them.

Grow’s a Australian 12 step program a non-profit peer support and mutual aid organization for recovery from and prevention of serious mental illnesses based on AA’s principle. It has hit OS so I know it’s at least started to move in America as well as other countries also the thing with 12 step programs is they are “FREE”

USA’s site.

Im in the fellowship of NA and in my expierence I would of not got off drugs without it and certainly wouldnt of stayed clean … theres alot of amazing people there and the friends ive made there have been by my side and support my threw skitzaphernia when I was in hospital they sent me in a card with about 30 names made me feel loved. Ive tried recovering from drugs and skitzaphernia by myself and couldnt do it. The 12 step programme is great without it I dont think I would of survived the past few months and ive became a better person and now im intetested in spirituality and I never was before. There is a skitzaphernia anonymous its not in the uk doe