Anyone in a 12 step program please?

Hi I need to personal message someone about the steps as a person with smi

29 year sober member of Alcoholics Anonymous. I can answer questions regarding this program.


Thank you
It is related to spiritual experiences
Sometimes I feel god
But I’ve had only prior events like this when in hospital or during deep yoga
A word of this to my family and they’d think I’m loony
I’ve noticed lots of people very strong with what they will and will not disclose to anyone who may judge
But I have no guidance

Another thing is a few other things out of the ordinary have been happening

Extreme depression and low self worth
Inability to speak to mum cos she freaks
Ideas of Reference in public is worse

Maybe I don’t have to disclose to anyone
but I’d love to speak to a religious psychiatrist

I also have just been discharged after 15 years of being well

I’m an athiest so I may not be the best person for you. I never had the classic spiritual experience that Bill W. did, but he was a bit of a holy roller as a lot were back in those days. I replaced God with GOD, Group Of Drunks. I can’t pull a car up a hill on my own, but with 99 other drunks on the rope with me, we can all pull that weight together. My Higher Power has always been and will always be my fellow alkies in the Program. That’s the God of my understanding.

I’ve found that working the steps sincerely and honestly is what produces the best results. How religious you are doesn’t matter that much. I know a lot of athiests and agnostics who do just fine in AA, to the utter dismay of the religious contingent.

Not sure how a religious psychiatrist would be, I’ve never really noticed that many of mine are, or they’ve kept it hidden.


Thank you
I started with that idea.

Literally on the 1st step for a few years now, cos i relapse every 3-4 months.

I keep getting back on the horse tho. Perserverance and faith in yourself helps alot.

If you fail - Dont beat yourself up about it, cos thats just another excuse to drink.

Just try and try again.


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