Is this a religious post?

I start group therapy on Monday. w00t

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if that’s jesus I would say it’s religious


I’m not Christian. So Jesus is just another dude with no cultural or religious significance.

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Do you think it could be triggering?


They asked me why I don’t want to do the 12 steps for rehab.

I looked at them like they were crazy

You need to change that profile picture.


As you wish


Thank you. 1515

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And you thought you could get away with it! :rofl:

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You can be an athiest and do the steps. To me GOD equals:


I can’t push a car up a hill by myself. A bunch of people helping me and we can do it together. I rely on my group for the strength I don’t have on my own.

It’s worked for almost thirty years.


In a lot of 12 step groups they get around that obstacle by saying you should call on a higher power “as you understand them”. You don’t necessarily have to turn your life over to some invisible person up in the sky. Some people use the group as their “higher power”. I’ve heard some people make an acronym out of the word “God” to “Good Orderly Direction”. If that’s an obstacle for you then you can get around it. But from the way you talk you sound like you’re not eager to go to drug and alcohol treatment. If you don’t want to go it is probably not going to work for you. Most people who go into AA and NA are pretty desperate. They’re will to try anything.


Also, I’m not sure why they structure it this way: but the non-12-step rehab free. While if you want to do the steps it’s like $30 a session.

Ditch them and find a real 12 Step program.

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Ask yourself which approach you think is more likely to get you clean and sober, and go with that.

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I’m about to open a can of worms a lot of people aren’t going to like. For those of you that get offended, THIS IS MY OPINION, and like the man said, I’m entitled to it.

I’m an atheist myself. I was a substance abuser as a teen and was compelled as part of my treatment to attend off-site 12-step meetings. Hated it. Just counted the minutes till the end. Once I started spouting the party line, all the resistance I was meeting over my rejection of a higher power disappeared. I’ve never believed in anything higher than what’s been observed. I don’t deny anything, I lack a belief.

Further, sure to roil tempers even more, I don’t believe addiction is a disease. I don’t feel the need to use, and I haven’t been to a meeting or any counseling for it in years. Any time I’ve gone, I just walk away thinking, yeah, I gained nothing from all these other damaged people. Unhealthy. I wanted to stop using drugs, and I chose to, and was successful. Just as I quit smoking cigarettes, which is one of the most addicting substances, I quit drugs. I didn’t go to therapy or a 12-step program for cigarettes. It was a choice for me, and I chose to stop.

Don’t flame me. It’s my experience and opinion, not yours, and I’m entitled to it, just as I’m not denying anything from you, dear dissenter.


Im the same way you’re not alone. I quit heroin on my own without a 12 step program and was clean for years. My parents convinced me to try rehab and the 100 12 step meetings hours of therapies being told I am basically a helpless addict and all it did was kind of traumatize me. I also have schizophrenia, exisential issues and blind faith in a program made it worse. I awol’d three times, up and left Florida and drove with a roommate 16 hours just to leave. My dad was trying to get me to move to Florida and it was a whole thing—that just put me in a bad place so what did I do when went back home I relapsed and the second time the rehab sent me back home and I relapsed - So I have stopped counting days of “clean time” and I Have stopped considering addiction an incurable mental illness like schizophrenia.

Schizophrenia is different. And I can choose not to use a drug, to avoid a situation where I would relapse. Even IOP and meetings seemed to make it worse. Now I am clean and have no desire to use whatsoever. Im just done with it. I am debating changing my major from addictive studies to social work because I cant handle the addiction stuff.


I feel sorry for people who are atheist and don’t want to do the 12 steps.

I’m an atheist. AA saved my life.

You’re doing alright if you ask me :wink:

I never was into hard stimulants or opiates.

However I was an alcoholic. The worst drug overall imo when abused.

I stopped using based upon a medication i take

Lately I tried AA. I felt welcome at the first meeting. unwelcome at the second.

It turned me off a bit.

Now I just do what I have to do. Smoke cbd n stuff.

I don’t think it’s worth it to devote 1/15th of my waking moments for at least 90 days straight to start just to feel less pleasure than normal.

I’m not a total hedonist I just have the worst chronic non stop anxiety ever and I like relief occasionally. Either I’ll never get over my substance use or I will. But I’ve developed safe guards against using addictively. It’s up and down in every way. A roller coaster ride. But it is what it is. I’ve accepted my fate for now.

I found the same thing as @velociraptor . My understanding is that your higher power can be anything, and that includes your friend, your sponsor, who ever make sense to you, someone that you trust.

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I never understood it, either, but I don’t say anything against those who need to use those steps. Some people get addicted and just can’t quit.

I’m like you. I can choose to quit. I got physically dependant on a painkiller and quit it on my own. Didn’t need a system.

But everyone is different.

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