For those that went off meds

maybe adjusting the dose / u shd talk openly with ur pdoc for this

I did, she just prescribed me Trazadone not even to have sexual thoughts!!! When I was first put on risperidone I didn’t know because of them, I went so far about with it that I even checked in at urologist and got my prostate checked! My psydoc not even dared to mention this was because of the medication

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no , i think she really meant to help u get back ur sexuality /sexual things as i know what you said can really be the symptoms of depressions. And i dun think she meant to get you off from your sexual thoughts.

I don’t think there would me a man eunuch who would marry a woman nowadays… talking from both perspectives

in my experience, i definitely said what the lack of sexuality, sexual things can be as well as the symptoms of psychosis , when u are psychotic u can definitely have the struggles that u just mentioned as i experienced them too.

No j don’t have psychosis. I mean how do I know? The way I can tell I am able to work with customers face to face and employer knows SZ and I told him to tell me if I’ll start acting strangely. So far nothing, in love with my mom that she immediately called ambulance when I was psychotic, and nothing now. So no I’m not psychotic now

psychosis i mean schiziphrenia here

Psychosis and schizophrenia is not the same thing… They are related, yes it’s like high blood rate caused by high cholesterol or diabetes. We schizophrenics usually are not psychotic on medication

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you need it, you need it.

I went three months one time without meds then another few months a second time before psychosis it isn’t fun becoming psychotic and the medication withdrawals are always painful and miserable

For me, I have symptoms of my illness, schizophrenia, while taking antipsychotics as prescribed.

Managed about 3 years without meds.
The new doc I got wanted to start me back on them,
So it’s been about a year back on APs.
I showed more of my symptoms without meds,


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