For those of you who have been long medicated

Do you fall into an episode while being medicated and how do you tackle this? Do you do med change? Do you up the the dose? Are you able to recognise when you are slipping into psychosis and how fast?

Medicine change or up the dose. I had a psychologist so I knew it was going up and I was serving bigger portions at work.

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I have been on 10+ different AP medications in my time being medicated

Doctors always mess with my doses and type of drug

Negative symptoms are ruling me at the moment

Lurasidone at least is allowing me to function better during the day as I am not sleeping all the time

This run I have been off work for 7 months at great financial cost to myself

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I don’t fall into frank psychosis, but i do have some positive symptoms that rear their ugly heads every now and then. I don’t like to mess with my medication, so i generally manage agitation and distress with Diazepam. Thankfully, i only need this once or twice a month. I’m very careful as i know how addictive it is.

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I’m generally scared of delusions reappearing cus they mess me up. Apart from that I have some tactile hallucinations, but I don’t mind them.

Yes, and I hope they develop something for the negatives.

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Well, it has been a long journey. In the last 4 or so years, I have been stable 2 years. And, totally out the other two years. Surely, the Clozapine/Abilify combination worked, but I switched to various other medications in order to get off Clozapine. Currently, Haldol/Abilify seems to be working. In between Latuda/Abilify also worked but a lot of weight gain, lethargy, and sedation. Geoden/Abilify also worked for more than 6 months. So, I can’t say the Haldol/Abilify will work forever.


I never relapsed on meds.


I just up the dosage - usually with pdocs instructions


Thats a great success


i’ve been on abilify same dosage for years and years.

its the only one that works for me and when the pdoc tried to lower it i didn’t feel as good so with his permission i put it back to where it was.

i don’t worry about it too much – whatever works works.


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I just ride out the storm but I am not a good example by keeping silent. I believe in not changing meds and just letting psychosis come in and out but then I suffered a side effect of a medicine for a long time because I didn’t know it was a side effect. I didn’t want to switch meds because they all have side effects.

sticking with the same meds shouldn’t cause psychosis right? judy