HI :). Prolonged anti psychotic usage

hello everyone :slight_smile: . hope everyone is doing good . i have been taking aripiprazole 5 mg since 2 years now after first episode of psychosis. fortunately things have improved since then and are fine now. but i want to know how about using the same antipsychotic for prolonged time or life term? what exactly your doctors recommend for prolonged use? please share your reviews.

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what exactly your doctors recommend for prolonged use?

They recommend a therapeutic dose of 10mg. Best of luck with 5mg, it’s just an add on to an antidepressant at that level, and has no antipsychotic properties.

i have been stable on 5 mg. touch-wood. are you on aripiprazole too?

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lol you’ve had to tell people this so many times now you should just make a pinned post about it at this point :joy:


I’m on abilify too, but at 10mg where it’s an actual antipsychotic.

I was like you, basically off meds for 2 years before I was hospitalised with psychosis. (if you’re on 5mg, you’re off meds)

You’re absolutely right Anna. :smile:

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If you can get away with 5mg that’s pretty good.
That is like a pediatric dose. I don’t think you would have any problems staying in that dose for life.
If you’ve only had one psychotic episode the doctor will probably eventually take you off it all together

@everhopeful, if its an add on to anti depressants with no anti psychotic properties; why do I start hallucinating after trying to go down below 3 mg?

Or are you speaking on just that specific medication alone?

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I’m Just talking about abilify. :slight_smile:

Dang… I thought i was just having withdrawals for a second.

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