I am guilty

My mother have dropped a few tears for me past these years.She should be someone I cannot hurt instead she is suffering for me.

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my family is doing business,i am still not on any form of disability because we can still afford.i am worried one day we won’t be able anymore

But she will have seen you at your worst and therefore how far you’ve come!

My mum tells me she is proud of what I’ve achieved, got my own place, started part time study and volunteer actively!


Ur functional man…keep up good work …!!! Take care…!!!

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My father is kicking my ass at work and my younger brother was depressed a few months ago,he gave up being a doctor to work for our family.

I cant stand working for my family because of many bad memories there…


Do you live at home?

yes,staying at home.My dad and brother leave for work,while I am at home with my grandmother,its been 2 weeks like this

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I don’t go to work because I thought I don’t belong and maybe I am lazy too…

Do u still work out …gtx…why dont u join them on business …!!

no and no yet(15 char)

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Perhaps if your not dependent on working for them try volunteering or apply yourself else where?

They’d be proud to see you try, even if you feel that you can’t work for them!

yes,i ought to do that.