For the people who are living on their own do any of you make less then 1k on benefits?

I get paid 729 a month in SSDI but I want to be independent. I’m at an age where if I don’t commit to at least seriously investigating my options they might be gone before I knew I had them.

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Do you have access to public housing? In Belgium it would else be impossible to live alone.

I’m getting 2k starting January on disability. With less than 1k you would have to live in HUD housing where the rent is a percentage of your income.

I don’t see how people with less than 1k even afford food nowadays.

Getting 170$ a month, gonna be either homeless when my mom dies or commit suicide

Well I get 830 on disability but also work about 15 hrs a week at 12 an hr. I couldn’t afford food if I just lived off of 830, but with food stamps it may be possible?

No not less than a grand. I will never starve. Took me years to get it awarded tho.

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I get around $920. With my back pay and some savings I bought a mobile home (in surprising good condition) 3/4 of my check goes to lot rent and utilities, the rest goes to car maintance, fuel and insurance for both the home and my car. I get food from the county food bank and sometimes my electric bill is paid for by a county charity (if it is really hot or cold and the bill is too high, which is more frequent now than ever). My dad helps with emergencies and if ends don’t meet. I also have a business tutoring and training people with technology, but it is still building and not much of an income and not perdictable. I have skills so I can do many kinds of work for people, when able. I haven’t been able to work for an employer for the last 6 years nor full time for more than a decade. Trying to get a roomer (2 more bedrooms than my own), it makes it easier, but the person has to be tolerant and at least reliable financially. I wouldn’t charge much. Ideally I could find a female life partner, but that’s not too likely.


I get £2300 a month in disability benefits. Here in England this is more than plenty to live off.

Basically $500 a week on disabiltiy in Australia. I pay most of that to dad for room and board.

I receive about $950 in SSDI, about $180 in public assistance, and about $60 in Food stamps. I also receive a housing voucher that pays around half my rent. I’m paying $540 in rent, $75 in utilities, and about $130 for car/renter’s insurance each month. Most of the rest goes towards food and “luxuries” like vape juice and Netflix. Also, when you’re a resident of Alaska, every year you get a Permanent Fund Dividend check for about $1000 just for living here. I try to save that for emergency things like car repair, etc.

I live on $70/mo cash (General Assistance), $250 food stamps, my rent and utilities are paid by a state program, I just have to pay $22/mo. So I never have any actual cash, but I live “with few wishes, like an elephant in the forest.”