Schizophrenia and loss of libido


I was diagnosed with schizophrenia 4 years ago. recently my doctor released me from all medication and said to me that I no more need medications.
the issue is that since 4 years ago I have lost all of my libido. I can no more feel love, emotional interaction or any sexual desire at all.

I consulted a sexual therapist for this, and he told me that I should be married to start the treatment while I am not married yet.

I am not sure, if the treatment gonna help with my situation.
did any one faced a similar problem ?

If you stopped all meds, you should get back your libido. Antidepressants are known to reduce libido more than antipsychotics. As for loss of emotions, sz itself can cause that and not only the medication.


When did you stop meds? Give it a couple of months.

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I dont have much sexual libido, but making out with some girl who has really goos booty gets me hard, i usually masturbate once a day or once every two days. I do it of boredom most of the time

I stop using meds 2 weeks ago. I used to take an haldol injection so it is still circulating in the blood. but most probably it is not related to the medications. I feel completely off nothing turns me on.

Iā€™m going to throw a party and let the world know next time I get a boner. Meds seem to have taken hyposexual to a new low.

The injection stays in your system longer than pills, try waiting 3 months.

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