Is there any meds that help with libido?

I am diagnosed with schizophrenia for more than 6 years now. and since then I have lost all of my libido. even before starting taking meds. I am on Vaincor 5mg and Zolen 400 mg per day now.

the issue with my libido is neurological, Is there any meds that I can discuss with my doctor ?

Does Abilify help ?
I am searching for someone that faced the same issue with me and successfully got his libido back.

Not sure if it helps but my libido was too high on Abilify. Maybe try testosterone shots, see an endocrinologist for it.

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I have the opposite problem, my libido was high even before sz. I was addicted to sex and I was going to seek help as it got painful but then it went down on 5mg Risperidone. Its much less but I still think its a bit high, the libido.

Two meds gave me back my libido Wellbutrin XL 150 mg I took it in the morning and then Abilify 10 mg in the morning too. My pdoc made me stop the first and the last worsened my violent thoughts.

@CMBS87 did you experience libido loss? how was it ?

Forgot to include the source of the study pdf:

I became completely asexual and my genitals numb it was impossible to get aroused I didn’t masturbate for months because I felt nothing and because I was completely uninterested I would look at porn and feel nothing Zyprexa did this to me and does this to me now no sexual desire nothing.

I’m 72 years old. Is that my problem?

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What do you mean? You have low or high libido? Libido decreases with age afaik

@aziz please watch your phrasing. You’re not a doctor and do not have qualification to tell someone what meda to take or avoid. And even if you were, we’d not allow that because giving medical advice online is risky.

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You could try amantadine. It’s a dopamine promoter that can help with sexual issues but also negative symptoms like motivation. Be careful though because it could also worsen positive symptoms. 50mg I take each day but I got paranoia at 100mg.

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Do you take benzos?

@deezinageorge I think yes, I take Zolen and Vincor

If you can handle the side effects Latuda does a nice job.

Are you a boy or a girl?

I have less libido than before, but this might be due to me just being scared to come anywhere near a man.

If I wanted more libido, I’d first look into herbs and natural options. I just know the lady ones… for example something like fennel (girl’s only > estrogen enhancer). Or saffron - for men and women, watch out for addiction and side effects, it works like an antidepressant and shouldn’t be combined with one, drinking tea from real good quality saffron makes it possible to dose carefully… I wouldn’t use it daily but only “as needed”. I can give you more options if you are interested in herbs too.

How Does Saffron Effect Sexual Health | Saffronice

Question: if libido decreases. Drive to seek sex or orgasm is less.
Isn’t it like being less hungry, I just don’t want to eat as much.
Why does one want to increase libido?
Is it pressure because of being in a relationship with someone who has higher libido?

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I think in most cases low libido means ED, nada, unable to perform sex at all.

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lol i was thinking the same thing, and i’m only 47… kinda