For anyone who had a gradual psychosis, did you listen to any songs for the first time that ironically fit the mood of what you experienced?

I find my song ironic yet funny? The title and song itself really felt appropriate at the time I first heard it.


so nice!! I like it!!!

I relate to a lot of music personally as the lyrics/ match my psychosis?

I related to this song a lot when my symptoms were at the worst.

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Voices by Crown the Empire
Machines by Crown the Empire
Johnny Ringo by Crown the Empire

Thanks! I just found it oddly funny how it came on Pandora for me just as my psychosis was slowly coming into play…sort of like a message.
Yeah, same here, I find music too relatable for my taste, but I love it too!

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Seems you like that artist a lot, I haven’t heard of them before so I’ll have to check them out at some point.

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I feelt so much identified with this song of passenger, me and my last “boyfriend”, I was flipping :joy: